U-TAH Filling

At Lohnpack, this cartridge type is in good hands. The u-TAH cartridges are filled in powerful plants. The filling of the cartridges happens from the front, fully automatically, and in a closed system. Airless bulk is required for optimal filling.

The cartridge is available in three sizes and two materials.

Lohnpack offers the following combinations of filling ratio, volume and material:

  • 1:1, 250 ml, PP and nylon
  • 2:1 180 ml, PP
  • 10:1, 280 ml, nylon (with some reservations)

U-TAH cartridges feature a cartridge geometry that virtually excludes under- and overfilling.

U-TAH, the all-purpose cartridge.

The u-TAH cartridge is a 2-component cartridge with the two chambers being arranged one behind the other. A big advantage – that way, a customary 310 ml application gun can be used.

Operating principle:

The back chamber is connected with the front chamber by a standpipe. After emptying the cartridge, its volume of 10-15 ml remains in the pipe. The back piston is movable, thus both components are pushed towards the outlet of the cartridge simultaneously where they are homogeneously mixed by a static mixer.