Contract packaging is a service, no matter what packaging material has been used. There is a wide variety of options: SBS, u-TAH, Coaxial, or Peeler filling, single cartridges, bottles, jars, tins, pouches, sachets, tubes, glass ampoules, flex packs, and more.

For Lohnpack, it goes without saying to provide its customers with a reliable, economical, and quick service in filling, packaging and, assembling.

Our logistics system is built in a way that enables quick and smooth integration into our customers’ operation scheduling. Lohnpack Logistics covers much more than just the transport of finished goods to the desired destination.

For us, logistics starts with the receipt of packaging and filling materials and also includes the storage of customer-supplied raw materials or readily assembled goods.

The possibility of reliable just-in-time deliveries distinguishes Lohnpack as a leader in the packaging business.

No matter what happens, its customers can rely on Lohnpack. Even if a job has to be finished in little time – the quality is perfect.

Whether the filled and packaged goods are delivered to a central warehouse in the United States or to a customer overseas, Lohnpack is reliable worldwide. Since we are located in the most densely populated region of the country, we can also save you money by shipping directly to many of your customers.

Our specially trained staff will ensure a safe transport of hazardous goods and reliable shipping. At Lohnpack, hazardous materials are in good hands.