Filling Bottles, Cans, Pails and Canisters

Being an internationally successful contract packer, Lohnpack also shines when it comes to more customary tasks.

Bottles, cans, pails, jars, and canisters in high quantities and any variation whatsoever are filled every day.

In doing so, it makes no difference whether the container is made of glass, tinplate, plastic, or aluminum. The filling volumes range from 1 ml to 1 liter.

Moreover, bottles are processed with all kinds of caps, i.e.:

  • Childproof bottle caps
  • Finger-tip sprayers
  • Caps with brushes or daubers
  • Trigger sprayers
  • Pilfer proof bottle caps
  • And many more

Of course, further steps to improve the shelf life of your packaged products can also be implemented, such as overpacking in foil laminate bags.

Labeling these types of packaging materials in any way, shape, or form, top off Lohnpack’s packaging services for bottles, cans, pails, and canisters.