Consultation Service

Contract filling and packaging at Lohnpack start with excellent advice regarding:

  • SBS cartridges
  • u-TAH cartridges
  • Coaxial/Peeler cartridges
  • Tubes (made of aluminum, plastic, or laminate)
  • 1-component cartridges
  • Sealed-edge pouches
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Canisters

At Lohnpack, we have a variety of approaches to fill and pack your product rapidly and economically. We advise our customers on all aspects of the filling and packaging process often contributing to cost savings and quality improvements thanks to our systematic planning.

We can help you decide which boxing solution, process step, packaging unit, advance services and delivery form will work best. And, we can also conduct tests for preliminary storage, compatibility, and ambient conditions in order to ensure the successful fulfillment of your order.

 Small numbers of items:

Of course, Lohnpack also provides economical solutions for small quantities. Having a wide range of very different, neutral packaging material, we gladly fill small quantities for our clients, too. Once again, Lohnpack convinces with quality and performance.