Coaxial/Peeler Filling

Coaxial and Peeler cartridges are 2-component cartridges. However, in contrast to SBS cartridges, the filling material is not arranged parallel but the cartridge consists of a cylindrical outer pipe and a therein placed cylindrical inner pipe. Consequently, there are two chambers arranged in a “pipe-in-pipe”-way (coaxial) that are separated from each other. They are filled with the two different components and sealed with a separate piston.

The Peeler cartridge is a special type of Coaxial cartridge. Its big advantage is that it can be pressed using any customary 1-component application gun. This is allowed by the use of so-called “Peeler cutting units” which are inserted into the cartridges after they are filled.

The filling volume of Peeler cartridges ranges from 265 ml to 280 ml, depending on the mixing ratio (1:1, 2:1, and 10:1). Coaxial cartridges are also available with different mixing ratios. The volume can be as small as 150 ml or as big as 380 ml.

This cartridge type can be pressed with little effort. A constant volume flow ratio while pressing is given. Thanks to the very small residual volume in the cartridges, these types of cartridges are especially ecofriendly.

At Lohnpack, Coaxial and Peeler cartridges are filled with special machines that are designed by HSV GmbH. These machines fill the cartridges from the front which ensures an airless filling process.

Not all kinds of filling materials are suitable for this type of cartridge. Thus, we highly recommend conducting trial fillings accompanied by press-out tests with a cartridge testing device. This guarantees that the filling material is compatible with the packaging.